(rancho [rán,t∫o] < rancharse or ranchearse 'to lodge; to quarter [soldiers]' < French se ranger 'to establish one's self in a a place' < rang 'row, line')
   1) Clark: 1800s. Originally, a cattle-breeding establishment in the West. It was generally a large operation. According to Watts, the meaning of this term was later broadened to include an establishment of any kind along a trail, including trading posts, stagecoach stations, restaurants, and even brothels.
   Alternate form: rancho.
   2) The main building on a cattle-raising ranch, or the main building and smaller buildings adjacent to it or surrounding it.
   3) According to Hendrickson, "a dude ranch."
   4) As a verb, to breed and raise cattle or other livestock. The DRAE gives several definitions for rancho; most refer to establishments much smaller and more limited in function than the American ranch. The Royal Academy indicates, however, that in the Americas a rancho may be a farm or grange where horses and other quadrupeds are raised. Santamaría defines rancho as a small, modest, or humble farm. It appears that the western meaning of an extensive cattle-breeding operation was adopted after the word was borrowed into English.

Cowboy Talk. A Dictionary of Spanish Terms. . 2013.

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